Terms & Conditions

Order Acceptance                                        
Valplastic U.S.A. LLC reserves the right to accept or reject any order. A completed credit application and any
other necessary information for credit approval must be submitted to establish an account. Possession of a price
list shall not be construed as an offer to sell any items listed therein.                                         
Terms of Payment                                        
Net 30 days on Open Account or as specified at the time of order acknowledgment.  The customer consents to
pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by Valplastic U.S.A. LLC in the collection
of past due balances.                                         

Shipment Terms                                        
All shipments are FOB local stocking warehouse or manufacturing facility as applicable unless otherwise quoted
or agreed upon in writing.  The Title of merchandise passes to the purchaser at the time of transfer to the freight
carrier.  Valplastic U.S.A. LLC is not liable for loss or damage occurring during shipment.  The freight carrier
assumes responsibility for safe delivery of the product at the time of shipment.  Shipments are FOB factory; the
receiving party should file all claims for such damages with the freight carrier immediately upon receipt. Any
shortages should be claimed to our customer service department upon receipt. Heat-treated pallets are supplied,
if requested, at an additional charge of $8.00 each.                                        
Returned Goods                                        
Authorization must be acquired from Valplastic U.S.A. LLC before products can be returned for any reason.  
There will be a minimum 20% charge for all returned items, which will be the responsibility of the customer.  Some
items listed in the Price List are unique and sold for exclusive purposes.  Unique or specially made items cannot
be returned or exchanged.  Check with a sales representative when you place an order.  Returned goods must
be delivered to Valplastic U.S.A. LLC  freight prepaid, in its original packaging, and must be of current design,
color, manufacture and in re-saleable condition. Any damages, labor or materials required to restore the returned
materials will be charged to the customer. This applies to all goods received by customer. No custom ordered
items should be returned for credit.                                        

Current Prices                                        
All Valplastic U.S.A. LLC items are sold at prices in effect at the time of order acknowledgment unless otherwise
specified by Valplastic U.S.A. LLC.  Prices, discounts and Terms of Sale are subject to change without
Freight Policy: Freight will be charged for all shipments except for (1) Drip Tape: Minm. 4 pallets x 28 rolls; (2)
Sprinklers: 2,000 of 1/2", 1,200 of 3/4"; and (3) Minimum order of $4,000.00 of mixed goods including any item
except hard hose travellers.                                        

Minimum Order                                        
$100.00 net per invoice.                                        

Price List and Product Design Changes                                        
Valplastic U.S.A. LLC reserves the right to make changes in its price list codes as may be necessary. We make
every effort to keep these changes minimal. Valplastic U.S.A. LLC reserves the right to redesign, alter or modify
its items without liability for anyone’s existing inventory of such items that may become