About Us

Valplastic U.S.A. LLC is located in Chino, California. It was established in February 2001 after Valducci S.p.A.
of Italy bought out the assets of a California inventor and manufacturer of a well known drip tape product
developed in the 1980s that became very popular during late 1990s in USA, Europe, Latin America and China
under Valducci’s leadership and quality control. Currently Valplastic USA is a privately owned U.S. company
dedicated to provide quality irrigation products and excellent customer service to its customers all over the world.

With proprietary and patented products like Hydro Tape™, V-Rain® Sprinklers, valves, drip fittings, hoses,
injectors, various accessories and travelers, Valplastic offers a wide array of solutions to the growers, engineers
and irrigation professionals throughout the world.

The Hydro Tape™ with is an innovative water conserving irrigation product that provides highly uniform and
continuous water application with reduced filtration requirement that is a grower’s dream. The strict quality
control procedure of Hydro Tape™ sets new standard in the industry and assures to satisfy growers’ expectation
of high standards.

Our V-Rain® impact sprinklers were developed with growers' suggestions to work efficiently and for many trouble
-free years. The V-Rain® PVC ball and butterfly valves, air-vacuum relief valves, injectors, fittings, other
irrigation accessories and traveling irrigators are designed and manufactured by experienced teams of
professionals under strictest manufacturing procedures and most of the products are manufactured under
various ISO 9000 standards. These products are time tested in agricultural fields throughout the world. We are
very proud of our friendly and prompt customer service team.

Valplastic U.S.A. LLC has one of the world’s leading dealer networks and still growing. We stand by our
quality and long-lasting relationships we build. We welcome
your inquiries and look forward to serving your irrigation needs for years to come.